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Icon spiral

Not extremely useful, but fun. I should combine this with my icon stack tweak, so that they spin as you zoom through the stack.

Just to clarify: I made this using cycript, it’s not something that’s in a releasable form. I could make it releasable, but honestly it’s not that useable. I just thought it looked really cool.

Video of the icon wave

Someone called vid or it didn’t happen, so, of course, I had to upload a video. (I can’t promise that I’ll always follow the rule).

More Icon Ripple

Your probably noticed on the previous icon ripple post that only a few of the icons were doing the effect: I had it setup to respond to touch (but you couldn’t launch apps) and I didn’t have the scrolling working so well. This picture below is an “icon wave” of the ripple effect, when you scroll the icons ripple after you go past them. The only problem is that this is extremely CPU intensive and makes scrolling very very laggy. But it sure looks cool.