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Multiple iPhone apps side by side on the iPad

Yes, and it actually works! I’ve wasted plenty of time already playing 2 games of Angry Birds at the same time. (I actually was playing 3 for a while, but it crashed when I tried to add a 4th). There are a few bugs, such as audio not working, and accelerometer events not getting sent […]

User wallpaper for Cards Multifl0w

One of the biggest requests for Multifl0w was the ability to set a custom user wallpaper. When I finish up cards style multitasking sometime mid-January, it should have that ability. It works great on my iPhone 4, but I haven’t tested on 3.x or iPad yet. Note that I’ll keep the Exposé style around as […]

Prototype repo!

So, since there are a lot of people that want to try out a few of the things I’ve played around with on this blog, I decided I’d throw up a “demo” repository so you could see some of the tweaks in action yourself. Add the repo in Cydia to see what I’ve posted […]