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Monthly Archives: December 2010

No Dock

I missed my dock more than I thought I would. Maybe it was just because I could no longer see my most commonly used apps, but it also was disconcerting to see everything on my screen moving, with no “solid ground”. I don’t think you want this.

Right side spotlight

I never really was sure why spotlight was on the left side. Sure, it’s handy, and it’s less work for the coders when a new icons list needs to be added, but it would be nice for Apple to at least give us the option to have Spotlight on the right side. Instead of the […]

A look around springboard

I grabbed one of the views fairly high up in the hierarchy and scaled it down to half size, to see what things look like beyond the edges. Note how on this first picture some of the icons on the right side aren’t visible. They’re only loaded when you scroll near them, to conserve memory. […]