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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Video of the icon wave

Someone called vid or it didn’t happen, so, of course, I had to upload a video. (I can’t promise that I’ll always follow the rule).

More Icon Ripple

Your probably noticed on the previous icon ripple post that only a few of the icons were doing the effect: I had it setup to respond to touch (but you couldn’t launch apps) and I didn’t have the scrolling working so well. This picture below is an “icon wave” of the ripple effect, when you […]

The future of Multifl0w?

People miss the cards style multitasking. So do I, so I’m going to bring it back to the iPhone. In fact, I’ve been keeping a secret; it’s in beta. Right now. I’d been wanting card switching on 4.x for a while now, and had rewritten Multifl0w from scratch to run with improved speed expandability. But I wanted something […]