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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ripple Effect Transition

When I was developing what eventually turned out to be Barrel, I came across the iPhone dev wiki page on CATransitions. I tried most of those for transitions between icon pages, but the rippleEffect transition was the coolest. I tried to capture it exactly mid-transition, but the alpha switches very quickly in the middle. […]

Blur Filter

This is the CAFilter “gaussianBlur” on the icon’s scroll view. It blurs everything on the layer and below it, note how the background is blurrier. You can read more about CAFilters on this page:

Icon Stack

I had fun making this one, it was actually pretty cool. You zoom “through” the icons to the page you want by dragging up or down. It completely rearranged the icon page lists though, so it broke tons of things like being able to move icons. This will probably never be released, but it is […]